Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Balm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

(0.382oz./11g - 36USD) If you love natural colors you have try Nude tude palette, not only it has gorgeous 12 shades but they are all easily blendable, soft and pigmented, but keep in mind that a lot of these shades have more powdery consistency so you'll have fall outs. Still, very high quality palette, tons of different smoky to natural looks can be achieved with it. Despite it's cheap packaging, it's one of my favorite palettes.

Sassy is actually my least favorite shade, I've never even used it. It's a simple metallic white, chalky and frosty but very soft and creamy in consistency.
Snobby is shimmery to metallic pale yellow-gold color.
Stubborn looks almost matte in the palette but it has slightly metallic finish to it once you swatch, it's a cute nude with rose pink twist.
Stand-offish is my favorite shade, I can not use it because I don't want to run out, I know I'm weird :) But it has such a gorgeous finish, it's very pearly and metallic that it almost looks wet on the eye. It catches the light so beautifully. The color is as beautiful as the formula, a very pretty champagne.
Selfish a metallic taupe, lighter than your regular taupe, it's also sheerer than the other colors.
Sultry is a matte shade, looks very similar to MAC's cork but warmer. You can even use it as a brow color.
Sophisticated is my second favorite shade, I love this color with a sexy smoky eye. It's a greyish brown with sublte metallic and shimmery finish very sophisticated indeed.
Schitzo is a metallic medium toned bronze with subtle khaki undertones.
Sexy is a lovely matte burgundy, unlike the other colors I find this is a bit hard to blend.
Silly is a warm chocolate brown with gold shimmers.
Serious is a matte black, very pigmented so it can be used as an eyeliner.
Sleek is a matte blackened brown.

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