Saturday, July 5, 2014

MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in Smokeluxe Review and Swatches

(4g/0,14g - 40USD) My photos look naked now that I don't have watermarks on them, but I just couldn't figure out how to add them on Macbook. I'd be more than happy if someone could teach me a way.
On to the eyeshadows.. These have some nice pigmentation with no fall out at all. 
The first shade is an ivory with muted pearls. 
Second one has some intense sparkle on a brown base. The light picks up the sparkles so it looks multi dimensional and almost wet on the eyes. 
Third one is a metallic bronze copper.
Fourth one is my least favorite, metallic gunmetal.
The last one is a very rich black and it's matte.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mac Satin Lipstick in Pink Nouveau Review and Swatches

(0.10oz./2.8g - 15USD) A very popular shade, bright blue under toned barbie pink. Has full color opacity and even though it's a satin finish it's more matte.

BeYu Cosmetics Star Lipstick in 33 Nude Rosa Review and Swatches

(4g/0,14oz.) I've recently discovered this brand and fell in love with their lipsticks immediately. I have yet to try a product other than their lipsticks.
Even though this is a budget friendly brand, their lipstick packaging is rather heavy and looks sleek. I can't say the same with their eye shadows though, they look cheap and plastic, that's why I haven't purchased any yet.
All star lipsticks have hydrating and nourishing formula. But not all of them are highly pigmented. Nude Rosa is almost opaque but I got another shade which was too sheer that I gave it to a friend. This a nude with slightly rosey tint.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 810 Blue My Mind Review and Swatches

Rimmel London makes great nail polishes, they have 3 different formulas but to me they are all the same. This one is supposed to dry in 60 seconds but every nail polish dries in that time if you apply one coat, and this doesn't dry any faster than others. The color opacity is not quite strong with this one so you definitely need 2 coats. Blue my mind is a violet blue with a cream finish.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

YSL Pure Chromatics 4 Wet & Dry Eyeshadows in 11 Review and Swatches

(5,1g/0,18oz. - 55USD) These two pictures were taken only 1 month apart and look how messy the YSL packaging turns out. They have always had this problem and they never intend to correct it. Guerlain also has this shiny gold packaging but they never get messy like this.

Other than the packaging I'm loving this quad. I already have a dent in the 3rd shade. I never use them wet though, never need to because I'm satisfied with this moderate pigmentation, less is more to me when it comes to pigmentation on eyeshadows.
The first shade is a dirty muddy blue, the second one is a nude, the third one is a brown and the last shade is a denim shade. All 4 shades look slightly shimmery on the palette but those shimmers are quite invisible on the eyes. 

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 06 Les Fumes Review and Swatches

(7,2g/0,25oz. - 60USD) I love this quad, first of all, the packaging feels luxurious without being too heavy for travel, it also has a huge mirror.
The first shade is a medium brown, has some warm sheen. Unlike the other 3 shades this one is more powdery and therefore you'll have a little fall out with this one. The second shade is a warm rose and it's matte. Third one is my favorite deep cool toned brown. The last shade is a shimmery pewter. They all have just the right amount of pigmentation, I hate when you have to be so careful because some shadows are crazily pigmented.

The Body Shop 4 Color Eye Palette in 02 Smoky Moonstone Review and Swatches

(4x1,8g/0,06oz. - 28USD) I'm so lazy reviewing products, it's been a month since I got this palette, I know it's a bit late now but may be someone's still interested. So this the limited edition quad for 2013 new year collection from The Body Shop. Unlike last year, now it comes with two brushes, one is for shadowing and the other one is for more precision.
The finish of the first 3 shade is very similar, all very pearly and shimmery. The darkest shade has more sheen than shimmer.