Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outfit Of The Day vol. 7 featuring Motel Appliqué Beth Dress

Dress : Motel - Urban Outfitters
Heels : Bebe - 2b

This dress is probably my worst purchase ever from Motel, first of all the fabric is not as thick and durable, it's rather thin and sheer. It's also stretchy, not a regular cotton fabric but still when you pull it, it sags and loosens. The second problem I had with this dress was it didn't fit me properly maybe because it runs larger than my other Motel dresses but it shows my bra way too much that I couldn't wear it without a cardigan. And the cardigan covers the shoulder detailing, then it becomes just a regular black dress. Talking about the shoulder detailing, I like the embellishment it gives character to the dress but for a sleeves dress it has too much shoulder padding, I don't know it doesn't look cute.
My shoes are from 2b, they are 6" heels I feel like an acrobat wearing them.


  1. Oh, really? You don't like it?!! It looks so cute and i love the shoulder details

  2. yes mostly because my bra is showing way too much =(