Monday, February 6, 2012

Nasty Gal, Windsor Store & Forever New Clothing & Accesories Haul part 2

Black Power Shoulder Peplum Dress

Here is my ultimate favorite trend of the season, peplum dresses, skirts and peplum everything! They are very chic and figure flattering. But I have come across some tacky ones, so you can go wrong with this trend. Nasty Gal and Windsor Store carry this very same dress, they both have it in black, navy, red and white. I got the classic and safe black. The fabric feels like taffeta and it's stretchy. I got it in small but I had it adjusted because the shoulder part was falling down. Other than that I love this dress , very fashionable. Looks amazing with lace tights.

Gold Leaf Dress

I just realized something when writing this blog post, I got this gold leaf dress a while ago, I received a size m it was too lose so I had it adjusted for my shape and now I realized that I actually ordered small but they sent me medium. I believe if they sent me the right size the dress would look better and would be more original. I loved it when I saw it on the model but on me I look huge, I absolutely hate this dress. It's not comfortable, the tailor cut the sleeves part of the dress and the other part looks odd now. I don't say I don't like this dress because they sent me the wrong size, I hate it mostly because it makes me look fat =( I had high hopes when I saw it on the model.

Sophie Swing Dress in Black

This is a cute everyday wear dress with a brown skinny belt. It's very comfy, I love to pair these basic black dresses with different tights like leopard, lace. I love the skinny belt and retro feel about it.

Serengeti Lace Romper in Black

I guess I was a bit late to post this dress because it's unavailable at Nasty Gal now, anyhow I still want to review it. If you have a big butt don't make the mistake as I did with dress romper. You can see it has big pocket on the sides and it makes my butt look even bigger. It's black on nude so it makes you look black on naked skin, sexy.

I got this from Forever New's S/S collection. I love headbands, I love some bling whether on my head or ears or neck. This rusty color goes very well with my hair color, love it.

Finally my last purchase, it's again from Forever New, it's a pretty heavy necklace but very cute. Here my mom was my neck model because I have acne on my neck :(

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