Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 600 Nude Eclipse, 101 Celestial & 303 Apocaliptic Review and Swatches

       (0,18oz./5,5g) The idea behind these lip glosses are, they are fluid lipsticks. They have the sheen and precise application of a lipgloss and they have the full coverage of a lipstick but they don't have any staying power. So you shouldn't mind touching up while wearing these. I find that because the application is very precise, it's not mistake proof so it makes it more difficult to apply than a regular lipstick. Apocalips lip glosses all have a creamy finish with a light weight texture. Overall I'm iffy about lip creams in general, I don't get the idea behind it, why would I want my lipstick to last shorter?
       It's not hard to find inexpensive but high quality make up these days. Rimmel London products in general is one of the best when it comes to drugstore brands. So let's get on to reviewing each color.
       600 Nude Eclipse is basically a concealer color in a lip gloss form, It's too light for my skin tone because it cancels out my lips. It's nude and even too nude, you need to be very fair skinned for this one.
       101 Celestial is my favorite, this is the only one that I actualy used in my daily life, it's more forgiving when it comes to wearing off because it's the closest to my lip color.
       303 Apocaliptic is in your face, bright and even neon reddish pink. As you can see on the pictures above it was the hardest to get a nice line around your lips because there is no place for errors with this one. It bleeds in no time just like the other two, but Apocaliptic will show the bleeding the most.
       You can see all 8 shades photos and swatches on Pokachuu's blog by clicking here. Rimmel London Apocalips are available in US at drugstore.com and in the UK at uk.rimmellondon.com

Rimmel London Apocalips likit rujlar, ruj ve parlatıcı arasında bir tür olarak tasarlanmış. Kendisine göre avantajları ve dezavantajları var. Mesela normal bir rujun kalıcılığı yok, çok sıvı ve ince yapıda olduğu için dudağınıza sürdükten kısa bir süre sonra yok oluyorlar. Ama tıpkı bir parlatıcı gibi nemlendirme özelliğine sahip aynı zamanda çok kapatıcı. Rimmel London ürünlerini Türkiye'de Watsons'larda bulabilirsiniz.

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