Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nasty Gal Clothing Haul

Nasty Gal, cheesy name right? But I must admit I love their store. I normally don't shop at stores that I have never heard of, this time it was different. I saw their ad and there was my favorite Asos model, her outfit was very cute so I clicked and yea love at first sight. I used to shop at Urban Outfitters a lot but since I discovered this new store I don't think I'll be checking their site as often. Because I sometimes feel like I'm lost at UO they have so many things especially when you check their sale section. But Nasty Gal has more selective garments. They have better quality pictures and gorgeous models. You can find the actual same dresses on both stores and when you compare the prices, UO is a bit higher, around 10%.
So I actually got this stuff a while ago and we are in 2012 now, but they are still available so I thought I'd just share them with you.

This is a cutout scoop top in plum. As you can see it has a gorgeous plum, burgundy color. I love the neckline, very unique. It just amps up the sexiness of this top. The material is also sexy it may look like a regular cotton but it's not. It's rayon and spandex blend, very thin and shiny. I don't like this top being so thin, it doesn't flatter my shape so it keeps me buying more of these kind of tops. Mine is a size S, the price fot this top is 30,40USD without the tax. I posted an outfit of the day wearing this top, if you want to check that sultry look just click here.

This second top is very similar, it's made of exactly the same material rayon and spandex blend, it's body hugging and super strecth fit as it says in the description. It's called totally twisted top on the site, they have this black one and white. It's very low cut and if you have some boobies it may look a bit over the top. I got it in size S and it was 24,00 USD.

This one is called leopard grandpa cardi. It's black and camel leopard print. Cozy and warm. It's pretty long, 29" length. They have many long cardigans at their store. It was 68USD and size S again.

And the last one is this super cute cream skirt, it's called knit skater skirt. I got a size M this time but I should have gotten S instead. I'd like it a bit tighter maybe it's because I'm not used to wearing knit skirts. I want like a bodycon skirt or a jean skirt, I don't know, just something that I can actually feel the tightness, if that makes sense at all. However I absolutely adore how this skirt looks, it looks amazing paired with tank tops, or sexy cutout tops, heels or flats, tights or bare legs. The price to own this skirt is 30,40USD

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