Friday, December 11, 2015

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick Collection Swatches and Review

(0,1oz./4g) Gosh cosmetics is my top favorite drug store brand. Their lipsticks and mascaras are amazing. Today I'm going to review all the lipstick shades that I have from them. I have 8 and the other colors from the collection didn't look wearable to me, they are either too light or too metallic. They also have a couple of red shades which some people might be looking for. They all have a vanilla scent just like Mac lipsticks. Their formula and lasting power is very similar to MAC Amplified lipsticks.
To check the matte collection, you can visit Just Nice Things' blog.

008 Matt Plum is from the newest matte collection, it's a fuchsia purple / berry shade. The formula on this one is very stiff, it feels like applying a lip pencil on your lips, it's that dry and stiff. It's not highly pigmented but it has a buildable coverage, you have to apply many layers to achieve this opaque finish. But the reason why I love this lipstick is, the lasting power. Once you apply, it will stay put on your lips for hours.

66 Bourgogne is a bright mauve pink with a frosty finish. They didn't have a tester on the store so I got this without trying and the swatch under the lipstick deceived me. I just hate metallic and frosty lipsticks, they look unflattering to me. Anyhow, if you happen to like this color I'm sure that you'll love the formula because it's buttery soft and highly pigmented.

122 Nougat is a peachy brown with a creamy finish. Again, the formula is great, buttery soft with an opaque coverage.

160 Delicious is a muted red and has pink undertones in it, it's eye catching but still a wearable every day color. It doesn't look too much. This is my second tube and favorite shade from this collection. Once again the formula is great, with one or two swipe you'll get an opaque finish and the lipstick is smooth and long lasting.

160 Sweetheart is a greyish brown, I might say a cool undertoned brown. The lasting power and opaqueness is great on this one too.

159 Boheme is a bold purple with pink undertones. The formula is the same with other shades, highly pigmented and easy to glide on.

170 Night Kiss is a red toned plum, I love the color but this one dissappointed me with it's formula. It's more sheer than the other ones. And applies patchy, you have to apply so many layers to get an even color. It's also glossier and that takes away from the lasting power which is not convenient at all for such a dark shade.

171 Twilight is a vampy blackened purple. It's long lasting and richly pigmented.

Gosh mat ve parlak rujlar harika bir formüle sahip, neredeyse bütün rujlar yoğun renk verme özelliğine sahip ve sürülmesi çok kolay, çok yumuşaklar. Kalıcılık ve renk yoğunluğu açısından MAC Amplified rujlara çok benziyor. Yukarıda fotoğrafta görebileceğiniz gibi 008 Mat Plum buradaki tek mat ruj , yeni çıkan mat koleksiyonundan. Renk yoğunluğu açısından diğerleri kadar güçlü olmasa da bol miktarda uygulandığında o yoğunluğa gelebiliyor ve mat olduğu için diğerlerinden çok daha kalıcı.

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