Friday, December 23, 2011

Inglot Matte Collection AMC Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Review and Swatches

This must be my number worst ever product, I truly regret buying it. Why in the hell I got an Inglot eyeliner instead of sticking to my good old Mac one's? And they cost almost the same! Even the packaging is poor, it's just a cheap plastic jar. The product is even worse! It's waterproof ok, cool. The consistency is a disaster, it's solid, tacky, sticky. You have to struggle to even coat your brush or fingers with it to use it as en eyeshadow and struggle even more to transfer it on to your eyelids and you want to blend it shape it and play with it, no! It won't let you. It sticks to where ever you put it. Eyelids are delicate, this product might work for body painting but certainly not for your eyelids.
I thought oh well then I'll use it as an eyeliner but no! You can't even coat your thin brush, even if you do after some time you can't draw a nice line, it won't glide on, it's so dry. I even swatched it in the store, it was again very dry but I thought it's open for how long, so normally it dried up, m┼čne will be brand new and creamy, so I ended up buying the worst product of my collection.

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