Monday, December 26, 2011

Dior Diorskin Loose Powder in 2 Transparent Medium Review and Swatches

(16g/0,56oz. - 48USD) I always admire Dior packaging, they are always phenomenal and high quality. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but this jar is huge, but not that heavy so it might be quite handy to travel with unless you lose the puff like me. As you can see huge amount of powder sitting on top. When you try to use it, it spills all over, ugh!
Anyways I don't have quite the experience with loose powders actually, I have only used Chanel and a Mac one before. And I haven't been using any for some time. I didn't realize if there was any difference between the all 3 that I have used. They all work the same for me, none of them was special. So this one is just a loose powder, it has almost no coverage or color, maybe a hint. It mattifies your skin but after a couple of hours, even less in some cases, your skin starts to look greasy again. Maybe it's my skin that's too oily, but I don't know... So if I keep applying it through out the day, I feel like I have too much layers, I really hate that feeling. However I still like the feeling when you first apply it, it's like a soft veil covering your skin, very smooth.

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