Friday, April 27, 2012

The Balm Shady Lady vol 1 Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

(0.60oz./17g - 39,50USD) As always the Balm shadows are highly pigmented and easily blendable. I know they care about nature and health, they try to use organic products so their products are safe to use on your skin but I still hate their cardboard packaging, it looks so cheap, but overall their quality is enough for me to still purchase things from them.

Caught in the act of courtney, this first shade is a sparkly chocolate brown, it's more powdery than other shades, it's also not very pigmented, goes on sheer so you have to build it up.
Shameless shana is a medium toned bronze brown, it has slightly metallic finish. The consistency of this shade is very nice, it goes on very smooth and soft and has nice pigmentation.
Luscious lani is a pale pink with metallic finish. This shade is again very soft and pigmented.
Jealous jordana is a deep forest green. Intensely pigmented shade with smooth application.
Risque renee is a slightly metallic midnight blue. This one has OK to good pigmentation, not fully opaque with one swipe, you need to pack more product to have an intense color. It's soft but not very soft.
Curvy cami is a warm purple with silver sparkles, it almost looks pink. This one is more powdery where some other shades are very creamy and applies like butter, pigmentation is enough.
Jet-setting jennifer is a metallic gold with some green hue. One of the softest and creamy shades and has amazing pigmentation.
All about alex is a metallic olive green. This one has rather nice pigmentation and a very smooth application.
Easy wheezie is a blue toned metallic grey. It's very soft but doesn't have enough pigmentation.

This palete needs a highlighter shade in my opinion, both 2 lighter colors are not light enough to be a highlighter.

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