Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chanel Précision Puréte Idéale Concentré Zone T T-Mat Shine Control Review

This has been discontinued in some parts around the world and the new version is called serum instead of concentrate and it's been re-packaged too. I don't know if it's been re-formulated though.
Anyways, for those who can still reach concentrate it gives this nice matte finish when you first apply, but not powdery like loose powders do, your skin can still glow through. But it only keeps me matte for an hour or two. I guess the results change dramatically depending on your skin type and how humid the place you live is. It doesn't give you any color at all. Has a smooth and flowing-gel texture.
For example YSL Matte Touch feels like pure silicon, thick and heavy, but Chanel is more silicone based gel. It doesn't do anything for your enlarged pores, not does it claim to do. But I've used some products that helps both with pores and shine, I'll review them later.

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