Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dior Backstage Eyeliner Brush Review

(27USD) I have read many good reviews about this brush and I was like are we talking about the same brush? Because mine won't give you a precise line, I use it as an eyebrow brush and works perfectly, it's flat shaped but it's width is very thick that won't provide a nice thin line. And the bristles are very stiff they hurt my eyelids. But if you want thick blended out line, it might work you. It looks very chic and elegant but it just won't work for me as en eyeliner brush.


  1. Mine looks so messed up (just got in today, but it looks so cheep and not any good quality! Maybe I got a bad sample?

  2. Maybe.. That's too bad, mine is not cheap looking but it's so stiff that you can't draw a line without hurting your eyes.